The Elderly

Soul Food
The Soul Provider Trust

Soul Food collects surplus food from a range of restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, conference venues and manufacturers and delivers it to where it is most needed: orphanages, old-age homes, street shelters and even schools.

Johannesburg, South Africa
  • 1% funded
  • ZAR 675.00 funded

Soul Water Lifestraw®
Soul Provider Trust

Soul Water has set a target of raising R1 million rand to buy and distribute Lifestraw® Water Filters to families in 2015. The project has set a target of R4 million over a four year period. We need your help to to get these water filters to those in need. You can help reverse the growth in deaths through dehydration? If you sponsor just one Lifestraw®, you will give a family a chance to have a healthier life for the next three years! Sponsor just one Lifestraw® Home Water Filter for just R400.

  • 0% funded
  • ZAR 2,200.00 funded