Seedling cultivation project

Seedling cultivation



Welcome to YakaZoo, we are so pleased you are reading about us, we look forward to telling you about the various projects we are working on. YakaZoo has been formed to help develop and market the disability sector in South Africa, focusing particularly on Intellectually Disabled people who work in Protective Workshops. (A Protective Workshop is quite simply, a place where people with disabilities work). We would love it if you join us on Facebook, look for YakaZooSA.

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YakaZoo’s East Rand Protective Workshop (ERPW), has identified the ‘Seedling Cultivation Project’ as one of the key projects for our Workshop.

We need funding to help us to develop and upgrade our cultivation tunnel and irrigation system, so that we can expand our production of seedlings.

The Seedling Project employs 15 disabled people from the Workshop. Installing an automatic timer, including irrigation and fertilizer systems would be part of the construction of the tunnel. Thus ensuring a good product is produced. Once completed we will be able to produce 1000 seedling trays per week which would generate an income of R27000.  This would ensure the sustainability of the project and enable us to implement other therapeutic projects.

Through this project we will also be transferring ‘planting and caring for seedling’ skills to 10 – 15 individuals.  This is critical to developing their self-worth and ongoing development.  Disabled people need to be stimulated, and developed, this has a positive effect on frustration levels, and feeling part of a team.




If We raise more than Our target amount, this is how we will use the money

Any funds raised over the target will be allocated to one of the ERPW projects currently active on the GlobalCaritas platform.


On Thursday 19th March, YakaZoo held its first ’Charity Target Golf Competition’ sponsored by Turner and Townsend, held at the Momentum World of Golf, Woodmead. The competition was organised in order to help raise funds for the East Rand Protective Workshop for persons with Intellectual Disability. Monies raised would go towards developing ‘Seed Tunnels’ which will, in turn, provide a sustainable income for the Workshop. The ‘World of Golf’ venue was provided free of charge by MD Rhys Hughes as was all the personnel, equipment, clubs, balls etc for the event. Turner and Townsend were the main sponsors of the day and clients of Turner and Townsend were invited (for a R2000 donation towards the Workshop Seed Tunnel Project) to battle for the Inaugural Turner and Townsend Charity Challenge Trophy. The real winners however were the intellectually disabled beneficiaries of the Workshop. In total almost R40000 was raised. In addition, products made by the Workshop were on sale including ‘owl and bat boxes’ and bedside lamps. All samples were sold, bringing in an extra income of almost R3000. Turner and Townsend have indicated that they will be more than happy to host the event again next year. Our target on GlobalCaritas has therefore been reduced to R38,000. If 100 of us donate only R400 Yakazoo will be able to complete this project and create greater sustainability for this workshop.

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    Contribute R800 and we will name a seedling row after you! That will mean a special sign, with your name on it will be erected at the head of the row. We will put this on our Facebook page for all to see!!!

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