Equine therapy for persons with an Intellectual Disability

Equine therapy



Welcome to YakaZoo, we are so pleased you are reading about us, we look forward to telling you about the various projects we are working on. YakaZoo has been formed to help develop and market the disability sector in South Africa, focusing particularly on Intellectually Disabled people who work in Protective Workshops. (A Protective Workshop is quite simply, a place where people with disabilities work). We would love it if you join us on Facebook, look for YakaZooSA.

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Do you love horses….?  We thought so, because so do we!

In fact we love horses so much that we’re in the process of setting up an equestrian centre at our Workshop east of Johannesburg to provide equine therapy for persons with an Intellectual Disability. Obviously this is quite a challenge and the financial costs necessitate we do this properly. With your help we can make our plans real, that means having a fully functioning equestrian centre to be used solely for our beneficiaries with Intellectual Disability. The total required investment (before operating costs) to get the centre up and running would be an initial amount of R70000.

The benefits of ‘equine therapy for persons with disability’ are well documented and we have included many articles on our facebook page. If you have additional articles, please send them to us, every little bit helps. In short: Equine therapy benefits both the physical and nervous systems and it can be directed to a specific function or group of functions that need to be stimulated as a whole, progressing according to the specific requirements that the therapist considers to be a priority for the beneficiaries development.

We are already fortunate because we have huge amounts of space, lots of clean fresh water and access to some really great people ready to help us set up the centre. We need your backing, to firstly help set up the centre. We have over 100 beneficiaries at our centre plus many from surrounding Workshops who will utilise the centre. You will be able to follow all the action on our Facebook page and through our blog. We have already formulated our plans and are so pleased we have been selected as one of  YakaZoo’s key projects. We can’t wait to get started!

Please also contribute by following our progress through our facebook page. We’d like you to become our friend, follow the action and for you to also send us YOUR stories. Being part of our team, from across the world would be so cool.


If We raise more than Our target amount, this is how we will use the money

Our monthly running cost is about R20 000. Any funds raised over the capital needs will go towards these costs.

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