Help HospiceWits provide food and early childhood development to 90 Children

Childhood Education at HospiceWits Soweto



HospiceWits loves and cares for individuals diagnosed with life limiting illness. We have a multi disciplinary / holistic approach to palliative care. We offer support and guidance to our patients and their families. We welcome all who need us, no one is turned away. We are a non-profit organisation. HospiceWits serves the greater Johannesburg area, North, South and Soweto. There is no end to our caring.

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HospiceWits provides palliative care and support to the communities within the Johannesburg Metropolitan District, primarily Johannesburg and Soweto.

Palliative care is the holistic care of someone diagnosed with a life threatening illness. It includes pain management and symptom control, psychological, emotional and spiritual counselling and is offered to any and all whether or not they are able to pay. Our support extends to the family of patients. Our values of dignity, integrity and respect inform everything we do and we strive to provide palliative care that is world class…..We are compassionate, sympathetic and supportive – we care.

 With the increase in the number of orphans and vulnerable children of our patients, HospiceWits, Soweto, opened this modern day care centre in 2002.

Prior to that date, children were often left at home alone, running around in the streets unsupervised, as their parents were either at work, or at a local clinic receiving  medication and treatment.

The opening of the Centre was accelerated when one of the children was run over by a car and killed whilst running across a busy road.

Initially there were 25 children in attendance three days per week only, but this number has now grown to 93 children who attend five days a week.

The eager learners are aged between two and six, and of additional benefit to them is the fact that their daily nutritional requirements are also taken care of. Where the need is identified, we ensure that the children are issued with food parcels through our home care team to ensure nutrition in their home environment.


•     To provide access to education – specifically early childhood development, focusing on the foundation phase of learning

•     Improved opportunities for reaching full potential academically, & otherwise

•     To provide a place of safety, care and educational support for children affected by HIV/AIDS

•     To provide medical and psychosocial support services to both the children and their families

•     To provide supervision for the correct intake of antiretroviral treatment

•     To provide correct and factual information about HIV/AIDS transmission and prevention to both the children and their parents/guardians

Make your contribution by providing 2 meals and a snack for a month.

  • FEED 1 Child by donating R125
  • FEED 2 Kids – R250
  • FEED 3 Kids – R375

We would like to raise a total of R33 750 to feed 90 kids 2 meals and a snack daily for 3 months.

WitsHospice Childhood Education and Care

 HospiceWits Childhood Education and Care

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    FEED 1 Child for a month by donating R125

  • Backers

    FEED 2 Kids for a month by donating R125

  • 1 Backer

    FEED 3 Kids for a month by donating R375