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The Soul Provider Trust

The Soul Provider Trust is committed to that most complex and demanding missionary task of Comforting the Afflicted, wherever they may be found. This would include the Spiritually Afflicted (the doubtful and the curious), the Physically Afflicted (the hungry and the sick) and the Educationally Afflicted (the ignorant and the uneducated). It funds these tasks by simply Afflicting the Comfortable to encourage their active and willing support (financial, physical and through prayer).

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Khumbul’ekhaya is a TV show in South Africa that tells the story of how we try and reunite families who have lost contact with one another.  It is one of the most popular shows on TV (SABC1) and it is broadcast at 21h00 on Wednesday nights.

Every week thousands of letters are received requesting assistance and help. Less than 1% of these are however dealt with as part of the TV programme.  We believe that if we can set up a permanent office to follow up on the ret of the letters we can provide better assistance the other senders who are desperately seeking help in reconnecting with loved one’s.

1) Project Description: The Khumbul‘Ekhaya Support Unit is an initiative of the Soul Provider Trust in partnership with the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) and the Department of Social Development, the South Africa Police Service – Missing Persons Unit, Urban Brew Studios and potential funders. The unit offers social welfare intervention and support to members of the South African public who have requested help and assistance in finding missing family members, resolving family disputes and reuniting the family with any displaced members by way of a letter, a phone call or other communication addressed to the Khumbul’ekhaya production office.

The support unit operates independently from the Khumbul’ekhaya production team and its activities and/or costs do not affect that of the production team.

2) Project Funding: The project partners will approach several potential funders to fund the daily operations of the Support Unit in exchange for trade exchange opportunities.

3) Project Objective: The offering of follow-up support and/or social intervention to the members of the public featured on programmes such as Khumbul’ekhaya but also other SABC programmes with similar requirements; as well as support and social intervention made to the broader public who responds to social reality programmes offering such support and/or intervention.

4) Project Activities: The Support Unit will help the production teams with evaluation of potential characters for the television series but more importantly evaluate and process all the letters/calls NOT suitable for use as characters in the television show. (Note: currently the Khumbul’ekhaya production team are using less than 1% of the letters sent by members of the public). Where possible they will distribute the letters/call details to the correct DSD provincial and/or regional offices from where intervention and support will be offered to the members of public who appeal for help and assistance. We also hope to operate a telephone help-line giving the public access to direct report and support facility.

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5) Operations: The Support Unit will be created as a department of the Soul Provider Trust, with the SABC and Department of Social Development and Urban Brew Studios as project partners who execute their functions under the supervision and management of the SPT. The roles of each will be:

Soul Provider Trust will

  • Represent this project externally
  • Manage the department’s activities including: fundraising, budgeting and contracting for the project o supervision of contracted parties, PR and marketing of the project, sourcing further opportunities for the project, editorial control of any marketing and other content produced by or for the unit and the management of multi-platform access (mobile, radio and website).
  • Be responsible for financial and legal management of the unit and its activities
  • Oversee and supervise appointment or secondment of key staff members within the unit.

The Department of Social Development will

  • Second an internal contact person (within the DSD) for the project.
  • Represent with local and national government agencies.
  • Provide access to provincial and regional counselling and follow-up support of project beneficiaries and programme characters.
  • Monitor and report on effectiveness of project interventions.
  • Oversee and supervise the social work element of the support unit.
  • Support, participate and assist with road shows and other events run by and through the support unit.
  • Assist with marketing and other publicity for the project.

Urban Brew Studios will

  • Produce the Khumbul’ekhaya television show.
  • Provide researchers for the Support Unit.

If We raise more than Our target amount, this is how we will use the money

The Soul Provider Trust has a number of projects focused on social development including Soul Food, Lifestraw® Home Water Filter and Soul Leadership. Any funds that we raise in excess of the target for this project will be re-directed to these projects in a way that ensures the money is used most effectively.

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