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The Soul Provider Trust is committed to that most complex and demanding missionary task of Comforting the Afflicted, wherever they may be found. This would include the Spiritually Afflicted (the doubtful and the curious), the Physically Afflicted (the hungry and the sick) and the Educationally Afflicted (the ignorant and the uneducated). It funds these tasks by simply Afflicting the Comfortable to encourage their active and willing support (financial, physical and through prayer).

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Tons of food are thrown away every day in our cities, while millions go hungry, only because there are not sufficient mechanisms for redistributing to those in need. Soul Food has set up a well organised and tested system of collecting surplus food from shops, restaurants and hotels before it is discarded. This food is then distributed to shelters, orphanages and care facilities across the city to help stave off hunger. The Soul Food project currently supports 37 places of refuge/orphanages/shelters and feeds between 3,000 and 5,000 people a day in Johannesburg. We are now developing a similar scheme in Kwazulu Natal.

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Our first Soul Food Branch outside of Johannesburg is in Margate, KZN where the Margate Presbyterian Church and Margate Rotary Club are running the operation with a VW Caddy vehicle supplied by Soul Provider Trust. In the picture below Roger Hein is seen handing the keys of our original truck Cindy to Pastor Dave in Margate, a fitting way to start a new journey with a vehicle that served us well in growing the service in Johannesburg. We will find equally charitable eateries and hotels in Durban and surrounding towns who will help us make God visible to those in dire need of some sustenance. Our ability to grow will depend on how many trips we can do to pick up food and deliver it every day. We there ask you to help us by giving towards the costs of providing this food.

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If Durban is a success we can start looking at ways to expand the service to South Africa’s other urban centres where the need is just as great.

If We raise more than Our target amount, this is how we will use the money

The Soul Provider Trust has a number of projects focused on social development including Soul Food (Johannesburg), Lifestraw® Home Water Filter, Khumbul'ekhaya and Soul Leadership. Any funds that we raise in excess of the target for this project will be re-directed to these projects in a way that ensures the money is used most effectively.


The KZN operation is up and running delivering food to a number of organisations. Dry goods are collected from San Lameer Golf Estate Hotel once a week and distributed accordingly. Bananas are collected from 4 different farmers in the area and a 5th one has now come on board – but lack of rain has hampered their donations somewhat. Vegetables are collected from the Co-op that buys them from the small time farmers (like Lindiwe, I spoke of last month) Many of these lands are tilled by grannies and out of work ladies. Seeds donated by an overseas organisation, were given to these farmers to plant. Sandwiches are provided by 3 different churches – Presbyterians, Anglicans and Southcity Church. We are hoping that the Dutch Reformed church will help us next year as the schools will soon be closing for the December/summer holiday. For more details please refer to the delivery schedule published in the Soul Provider news letter on the 5th of November 2014.

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