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The Soul Provider Trust is committed to that most complex and demanding missionary task of Comforting the Afflicted, wherever they may be found. This would include the Spiritually Afflicted (the doubtful and the curious), the Physically Afflicted (the hungry and the sick) and the Educationally Afflicted (the ignorant and the uneducated). It funds these tasks by simply Afflicting the Comfortable to encourage their active and willing support (financial, physical and through prayer).

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Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 11.17.04 AM Everyone deserves safe water now, which is why we developed The Soul Water LifeStraw® project.

More people die every year in Southern Africa from drinking contaminated water, than die from AIDS, measles and malaria combined! You can change this! Help Soul Water Lifestraw® give the water of life to the millions of families in the Southern African countryside who do not have access to clean drinking water. Help us stop the unacceptably high death rate!

Description in Detail

While access to clean water is a life right, there are thousands of people living in rural South Africa who walk kilometres to rivers and taps to collect water. Making water safe is time consuming, can be expensive, and even dangerous, especially for girls and for so many of them, the water they collect is often contaminated. A common effect of drinking contaminated water is diarrhoea, which cuts short the lives of so many people. We believe that providing these families with an easy to use home filter is an important step to improving both people’s lives and their ability to contribute to the development of their communities.   

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A Lifestraw® Water Filter is a high-volume water purifier for the home. The purification process in Lifestraw® removes a minimum of 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses and protozoan cysts found in unclean water. With a high flow rate, requiring no electricity, batteries or replacement parts, the Lifestraw® Water Filter is an ideal and low-maintenance solution to providing families with clean drinking water. Its use has been piloted in rural areas in South Africa and not only has there been a high user-acceptability, but, most importantly, there is a 53% reported reduction in the prevalence of diarrhoea among its users.

One Lifestraw® Water Filter will last a family of five for 3 years. The filter meets the guidelines for safe water interventions provided by The World Health Organisation (WHO).

Soul Water has set a target of raising R1 million rand to buy and distribute Lifestraw® Water Filters to families in our first campaign. The project has set a target of R4 million over a four year period. We need your help to to get these water filters to those in need. You can help reverse the growth in deaths through dehydration? If you sponsor just one Lifestraw®, you will give a family a chance to have a healthier life for the next three years!

Sponsor one Lifestraw® Home Water Filter for just R400.

If We raise more than Our target amount, this is how we will use the money

Our only limitation is funds to give Lifestraw® Home Water Filter's to those who need them. For every R400 that we raise over the target of R1m we will distribute another water filter. There is ultimately no upper limit to this campaign. We will however launch the second campaign for the water filters to raise the next R1m, as soon as possible, if we have raised the R1m for the first campaign.

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