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Diocese of Kroonstad

The Catholic Diocese of Kroonstad was estabilished on the 11 January 1951 under the auspices of the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference. It is a rural diocese. Its membership is approximately 72 000. It covers an area of 30 Mining and farming were the main source of income but now, with the closure of many mines and farms, poverty and unemployment is high.

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—Thabiso Skills Development was started in 2007 and was named after the late Bishop Brenninkmeijer, who was fondly known as Thabiso which means “Joyful”. The centre was started to assist the community and its people. So many school leavers do not know what to do with their future and come from poor communities where they lack role models that do skilled jobs. —South Africa is also in need of skilled workers especially in a number of key trades. —Thabiso provides its learners with a basic skill at a very low cost. If we can sponsor candidates through funds we raise we are able to help more people.

Project Description

Earning an income can mean the difference between seeing a future for yourself or falling prey to despair because you haven’t got a future worth looking towards. Our students have little or no chance of getting a job because they have no skills to offer. Welding is a skill that gives our graduate access to a wide variety of jobs in a number of industries.

Project Description in detail

The Basic Welding Course begins with a 2-week module on Life Skills. This module gives the students guidance in the skills required for a person to succeed in the world of work.

After two weeks of life skills, they move on to the welding course. We teach the students the importance of wearing protective gear when learning how to weld and grind. They learn measuring techniques and joining the pieces together with proper welding. We train them to weld with normal welding machines, Co2 Welding as well as Gas welding and torch cutting machinery.  Students are also trained to use power hand tools for grinding and they learn how to carry out abrasive cutting on the machine. Income-generating projects are taken on and carried out by the students. This helps with costs and forms part of their practical work on the course.

The course is offered four times a year and we try to accommodate 14 students in each rotation.

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Why do we need your backing/investment/support?

We need R42 000 (about US$4 200) to give 14 young people a chance to learn the basics of welding so they can get their first job. Give a young person the means to get a job and build their self-respect! Without a job, there is nothing to get up for. With no skills to get onto the job market, they are helpless and hopeless. Help us skill them and build their hope! Thabiso Joyful Basic Welding Skills Development puts well- trained students onto the job market and they get work because they have skills to offer.

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We aim to raise R42 000 to cover the bursaries for 14 students each time that we run this course. Each R3000 (about US$300) that we raise allows us to fund a student and reduce the overall cost to the students of running the programme.

Donate a bursary for the Welding Skills course R3 000. 

If We raise more than Our target amount, this is how we will use the money

Thabiso skills development centre runs a number of programmes across various disciplines. If we raise more than we need for this programme we will re-direct the funds to students in our other courses so that the focus remains on social upliftment through practical adult education.

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