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Diocese of Kroonstad

The Catholic Diocese of Kroonstad was estabilished on the 11 January 1951 under the auspices of the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference. It is a rural diocese. Its membership is approximately 72 000. It covers an area of 30 Mining and farming were the main source of income but now, with the closure of many mines and farms, poverty and unemployment is high.

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Priestly formation, supported by co-operative laity, is of fundamental importance to the well-being of church communities. Through the South Africa Catholic Bishops Conference (SACBC) the bishops administer several seminaries involved in various stages of priestly formation.

St Francis Xavier Seminary, Cape Town is the Orientation Stage that prepares and introduces students for studies for the diocesan priesthood for  the majority of diocese that falls under the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

Established in Pretoria in 1951, St John Vianney is the major national seminary for training diocesan priests. Training is aimed at forming priests to be reflective, prayerful, integrated, serving and community-minded – through a programme that is spiritual, ethical, intellectual, pastoral, human and professional.

The annual budget for training future priests is a major burden for all Diocese. Students do not pay fees. Support from the local church is therefore crucial for the seminary to meet its mission to train future priests.

The Diocese of Kroonstad is a poor rural diocese but is a source of new priestly vocations. Our parishes however struggle to raise funds for training at the Seminary. Without priestly vocations the church is unable to fulfil it’s mission properly. We need to send 13 candidates for the priesthood to the seminary. Each candidate’s training costs the diocese about R50 000 (about US$5000). Your help will supplement our own efforts so that we can insure that the Kroonstad Diocese remains a place of Christian growth served by a well trained priests.

If We raise more than Our target amount, this is how we will use the money

We continually need to raise funds for training priests and our diocese is rural and extremely poor. All additional funds raised will go to a fund reserved for the training of new priests.

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